Democratic innovation means getting more people actively engaged in the decisions that affect their lives.

We do this by transforming process and culture - working with partners to understand and to re-design the way democratic institutions work to be more open, transparent and accountable.

Our research helps connect innovation to parliamentary transformation and modernisation.

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Democratise is a global leader in parliamentary research, innovation and practice.
More engagement and stronger trust supports better policy and legislative outcomes.
Ground-breaking research and strategy enables stronger democracy.

What we’ve done


World e-parliament report

The IPU’s World e-Parliament Report helps parliaments harness the power of new technology to become better and stronger institutions. The report is also useful for civil society organisations wishing to build working relationships with parliament and can serve as a catalyst for greater public understanding and engagement

IPU - EN | FR | SP

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Mapping deliberative democracy

A review of deliberative democracy in Council of Europe member states also develops guidelines for good practice and recommendations for policy makers and practitioners.

Council of Europe - EN | FR


Civil participation academies

Заохочення до відкритості, прозорості й залучення громадян через цифрові технології. Частина Ради Європи Академія Громадської Участі.

The Academy of Public Participation encourages openness, transparency and engagement through digital technologies.

Council of Europe - EN | УКР


Transforming parliaments

Proividing stategic roadmaps to the Parliaments of Georgia and Armenia as part of their digital transformation and parliamentary modernisation projects.



Our values at play

How does a global business build confidence and decision making skills in its workforce? We worked with Volvo to develop ‘Our values at play’, a roll-playing game that teaches people how to work together to solve problems together and to understand the different roles within the organisation. This meanas that confident, accurate decisions can be taken locally and only need to be escalated when appropriate, saving both time and money for the company.


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Centre for innovation

Democratise helped the IPU imagine and develop the new Centre for Innovation in Parliament. CIP harnesses the potential for innovation across parliaments by bringing them together, supporting collaboration on solutions and sharing knowledge with the wider parliamentary community. With a central secretariat and hubs located in parliaments aroudn the world, this is a leading-edge model for agile collaboration and support.



Parliamentary openness

We helped a Serbian-based parliamentary monitoring organisation develop their strategic thinking and to understand the potential for social media intergration at the organisational and campaign level, supporting their work on parliamentary openness and transparency.

Centar za istraživanje, transparentnost i odgovornost (CRTA)


Visioning the future of local democracy

We designed and facilitated a three-day international workshop on the future of democracy for the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions. This event brought together inernational experts in democracy, citizenship and engagement with Swedish local government representatives to look at ideas and solutions for building stronger local democracies.

Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions

Things we’ve shared


Handbook for active democracy

Sept 2014 - Andy Williamson and Martin Sande show how we can make our democracies ready for everyone by being open, sharing and collaborative. They take democracy on a journey from arrogant and controlling to intimate and co-creating. Available in both print and e-Book formats


Mapping your audience

It's important to understand who your audience is, how you influence them and what influence they exert. This simple tool helps you identify project and campaign stakeholders and understand your unique eco-system.


Running focus groups

We're believers in the value of focus groups but they're not as easy as many people think. This is our own brief guide to running focus groups, it's practical and hands-on. We find it useful so hopefully you will too.


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