Audience Mapping

How to identify, understand and connect with the right stakeholders for your campaigns and projects.

Whether you're carrying out an organisational review, developing your digital strategy or designing a new campaign, knowing who influences you and who you influence helps you understand the potential impact of your actions.

We find that a powerful approach to understanding your stakeholders is to view them as parts of a wider ecosystem. To do this, we start with a group mapping exercise. The power of the group process means you're more likely to uncover the best information and the learning goes much deeper. Once you've defined the audience, you can go on to identify relationships, who influencers who and then to develop appropriate messages and channels to connect with them.

This guide will introduce you to a step-by-step process for audience mapping that consists of three simple stages:

Having helped you to describe your stakeholder eco-system, this guide then goes on to help you define those stakeholders in more detail, understand their influence, influences and values and then position them in relation to your campaign or communications strategy. Having a strong understanding of your ecosystem means your strategy, project or campaign can be better targeted and more focussed for the maximum impact and return.

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