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We're creative thinkers with big ideas for making democracy work better.

We take a systemic, strategic approach to our work, informed by research and innovative thinking. This translates beyond value for our clients into better and stronger societies for all of us to feel part of. We work right around the world, helping transform organisations who want to improve democracy and engagement to become more open, agile and co-creative.

Social Media for Parliaments

Social Media for Parliaments

The Inter-Parliamentary Union asked us to facilitate a working group from parliaments around the world. We listened to how they were using social media and then developed a comprehensive set of guidelines to support parliaments using social media to engage and communicate with the public. The guidelines are available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

Leadership in local government

Leadership in local government

Society is changing rapidly, not just new media but new ideas and economic challenges. We worked with the leaders of a group of Swedish local authorities to explore new ways to share governance, involve citizens and re-connect democracy with place. We also run workshops for leaders and emerging leaders in individual councils.

Strategic social media campaigns

Campaigning for transparency

CRTA is a parliamentary monitoring organisation based in Serbia. We've helped them to understand the potential for social media intergration at the organisational and campaign level to support their work on parliamentary openness and transparency.

Global Centre

Global Centre for ICT in Parliaments

The Gobal Centre is a joint UN and IPU project to support the uptake and understanding of digital tools in parliaments. We were pleased to work with the Centre to undertake a full evaluation of its operations and to provide recommendations for its future strategic direction

Social media workshops

Social media workshops

We run workshops for legislatures all over the world to help them understand the impact and opportunities of new media. Across Europe, the Middle East, Latin and North America we're supporting officials and members in elected chambers to become effective users of social media and to improve their engagement and outreach activities.


Parliamentary networks

The UN asked us to evaluate the effectiveness of the Latin American and Caribbean Parliamentary network. Launched in 2011 this network brings together parliaments from 20 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Our role was to understand the effectiveness of the network and to look at opportunities to strengthen it.

Democracy Forum

Future of democracy

We facilitated a three-day international workshop on democracy for the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions. This event brought together inernational experts in democracy, citizenship and engagement with Swedish local government representatives to look at ideas and solutions for building stronger local democracies.

Engagement cycle

Re-thinking engagement

Whether it's for the design of new services, policy or decision making, user-involvement is too often seen as a linear, on-off process. We don't see it that way. We've developed a model for engagement as an organic, on-going process and it comes with a complete check-list for organisations wanting to deliver better engagement. We offer this through bespoke consultancy, working with government agencies or delivered as a workshop for interested organisations.

Innovation engine

The innovation engine

Our model for re-shaping public bodies into responsive, listening and co-creative organisations: To start a fire, you need oxygen, heat and fuel… to innovate you need ideas, passion and action. Our framework offers a new way to look at innovation. Complimenting not destroying existing structures, it's a cross-organisational space for ideation, innovation and experimentation designed to ignite points of change.


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