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Submission to the Speaker's Commission on Digital Democracy

The Speaker of the House of Commons has established a Commission to look at "how parliamentary democracy in the United Kingdom can embrace the opportunities afforded by the digital world", as an organisation that works with many different parliaments, we've made a high level submission trying to draw out the key issues and opportunities that face parliaments in the digital age. [PDF|256Kb]

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Infographic: From Arrogance to Intimacy

How can we move engagement from closed and arrogant to intimate and transparent through co-creation and partnership? Read our our roadmap for collaborative democracy [More...]

How to Make your Campaign a Success

Anyone can email an MP or Peer, but what can you do to make your campaign stand out from the crowd? Our article published in The Guardian gives you some tips and suggests it could just be as simple as one, two, three: Message, momentum and mass. [More...]

Social Media Guidelines for Parliaments

This guide defines the scope, purpose and value of social media for parliaments, providing guidance for officials managing social media channels within parliament and for Members. We prepared this for the Inter-Parliamentary Union with support from the Association of Secretaries General of Parliament (ASGP), the IFLA Section on Libraries and Research Services for Parliaments and the Global Centre for ICT in Parliament [PDF|1.3Mb|External links]

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Peering In - An analysis of public and charity sector lobbying in the House of Lords

'Peering In' looks at the changing scope of the campaigning landscape and its impact on the House of Lords. Based on exclusive interviews with Peers, research in volunteering charities and data from on-line campaigning organisations, this critical report highlights strategies for engaging the House of Lords in the 21st century. [More...]

Evolving Digital Engagement - From Participation to Partnership

This report reviews the background and context for digital engagement, with a focus on the shifting social and media landscape and the potential for more radical forms of policy development. Designed for anyone who wants to make digital engagement truly effective, the report provides clear suggestions for good practice and to help you measure effectiveness [PDF|227Kb].

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The Revolution is Social

Social media and the digital opportunities now in front of us can support transformation into a more citizen-centric, two-way society. But only if civil society is an active participant. We need to become active partners in our own future. The internet has rebuilt itself around people and their networks, what we will see next is people rebuild their networks and communities around this digital and social convergence. [PDF|58Kb].

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Designing new digital public spaces - Engaging a disconnected public

We have to transform our civic spaces so that they look like the world the majority of us live in (or want to live in) – more open, social, inter-connected, even games-based. Driven by issues not ideology. Let's bring democracy back to our public spaces: this paper argues that we need new public spaces that include points for democratic participation within them - Parks, schools, libraries, even shopping malls matter. [PDF|43Kb].

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Handbook for Active Democracies

Sept 2014 - This new and original book by Andy Williamson and Martin Sande will show you how we can make our democracies ready for everyone by being open, sharing and collaborative. It's about taking democracy on a journey from arrogant and controlling to intimate and co-creating. It's available in both print and e-Book formats [More...]

Audience Mapping - Identifying your stakeholders

March 2013 - It's important to understand who your audience is, how you influence them and what influence they exert. This simple tool helps you identify project and campaign stakeholders and understand your unique eco-system [PDF|2297Kb].


Focus Group Guide

March 2013 - We're believers in the value of focus groups but they're not as easy as many people think. This is our brief guide to running focus groups, it's practical and hands-on. We find it useful so hopefully you will too [PDF|3111Kb].



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